Jan 23, 2014

The Battle

1/23/2014 — cori

It reigns supreme throughout all time
This battle that rages within my mind.
Often plagued with doubt and fear
Afraid to let anyone come too near.

Thoughts swirling like a hurricane
Around and around and around my brain.
Many a day peace abides there
Other days I can’t find it anywhere.

Feelings from long ago don’t go away
Even though I fight them, they battle to stay.
I’m tired, empty, feeling alone
This battle drains me to the bone.

To harbor only forgiveness and love
In my heart and mind would be a gift from above.
I beg and I plead to please set me free
From bitterness and anger, from this agony.

I let it go to only take it back again
It’s a daily battle, this one with sin.
Stuck inside my head all day
Praying that these thoughts will go away.

Letting go seems easy enough to do
The problem is in the following through.
Sometimes I feel justified keeping it inside
The hardship comes in surrendering my pride.

Letting go means choosing to forgive
This is what it means to genuinely live.
My mind will stay in perfect peace
When my focus is Jesus, my mind is at ease.

If I could only linger there night and day
This would be my deepest longing, I pray.

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