Feb 22, 2005

Caught Off-Gaurd

2/22/2005 — cori

As the evening progressed closer and closer to bed-time, the boys found themselves in the thick of cleaning up the day's mess that lay on the floor all over the house. Mind you, we do have that ever-so-enforceable rule of "play with one toy at a time and then put it away before you get out another one", so I don't know how we ended up with a ton of things around the house to clean up (I say that tongue-in-cheek). Actually, I do...let me digress. You see, my boys (6 and 3) don't play with toys. Not because they are in need of any, oh no, we have a whole room full. But it seems my boys prefer to play "dress-up" all day long. We probably have more costumes in this house than Broadway. But nothing could be more fun, as of late, than to fly through the house with a Tigger or Pooh blanket tied around your neck, with Batman underwear on, another pair of underwear on your head and several layers of pajama bottoms and socks (those are actually boots - Chloe's pink socks are the more preferable kind). Do you have the mental picture of my children yet? Their tendancy is to remove one costume in whichever room they are in and get into yet another character by delving into their bottomless supply of pajamas, socks, and general costume gear.

So....as I was saying, the boys were 'cleaning' (I use the broadest scope of that word) their things. Gavin had done his part and decided to come half way down the stairs and in all the brotherly love he could muster, inform us that Bennett had not completed his task to the level we desired (meaning - not at all). Bennett, ever ready to justify himself, was standing next to Gavin at the top of the stairs during this time. So, as I was typing on the computer, I called up to Bennett "Bennett, we need to have a talk about this" and he responded in all seriousness, "How about tomorrow."

Where did such a quick wit come from? We'll never know. He certainly has a good come back. We tried desparately hard not to laugh at him - but even Gavin was laughing. We were totally caught off-guard.

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