May 11, 2016

The Mailbox

5/11/2016 — cori
As Chuck and I walked out of our bedroom yesterday, we came upon this....a new mailbox taped to the doorframe. It has the markings of Chloe all over it. We found many little 'i love you' notes inside that evening.

I guess she felt my door didn't have anymore room for her to express her feelings for us.

So she got creative and taped a homemade mailbox up there instead. She said we will know when we have mail because the flap will be up. Not surprisingly, she has an identical one taped to her doorframe so that we can respond in kind. Apparently we have communication issues and Chloe is trying to get us to talk more.

Here's an example of one of the little treats we found inside last night....a comic book Chloe made. It was the perfect size to fit into our new communication device. Who needs email, texting, snapchat when you have a cardboard mailbox to pass notes back and forth with?! 

This is Chloe's desk after the creativity process. Apparently, creativity is a messy ordeal. I am glad, however, that she was able to find an ingenuitive way to recycle the cardboard backing from her spiral notebook (hope that wasn't for school).

So, moral of the story, I'm going to work harder at communicating with Chloe...but everything I have to say must fit on a 2" x 4" piece of paper. I can get a little verbose sometimes. I just hope everything I have to say can fit in there.

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