Sep 25, 2014

A New Recipe

9/25/2014 — cori

I made this delicious new recipe tonight called, "Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce".  The picture looked delicious even though I hate mustard.  Proof that we eat with our eyes first.  I even received many accolades among my toughest critics over the scrumptious quality of said recipe.  I might have even started feeling a tad bit proud of myself.  Not to all came crashing down rather quickly.

Chloe kept sitting at the table holding her head in her hands.  I thought maybe she had a headache.  I finally asked her what was wrong and she said, "It's strange, but I'm dizzy."

Hmmm....we all said aloud.

Then it dawned on me.  "Um, it might be my fault. The reason you're dizzy is because you're drunk."

WHAT???...the collective group said aloud.

"Let me explain.  See, I was supposed to put the white wine in at the beginning and let it deglaze over high heat (meaning cook out all the alcohol).  And I did that.  But....I thought it needed a little more later on in the cooking process.  So....there might be some wine in there that never deglazed, meaning it's full of alcohol.  Meaning, I got Chloe drunk.  I'm sorry Chloe."

"I think I'm drunk too" adds Bennett.

Great.  I just unwittingly inebriated my family. This should be a fun night.

I think I'll start working on my Mother Of The Year Award acceptance speech now.

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