Feb 27, 2005

Girl's Day Out

2/27/2005 — cori

Chloe and I were out running all kinds of errands yesterday in order to try to stay out of Chuck and the boys' way as they were "assembling" ( I use the term loosely ) a new swing set outside. I figured it's about time I start teaching Chloe the finer points of shopping.

So, we went to the grocery store. Of course she decides that this would be a good time to start "talking" at the top of her lungs. So, now I have to marathon shop (get my whole weeks worth of groceries in less than 15 minutes) so I don't disturb the rest of the patrons at this fine establishment.

The first place I go is to the produce section. Being the ever courteous shopper, I move my shopping cart (with Chloe buckled in the front seat), over to the side so I don't take up the whole isle. However, I failed to notice that I parked her right next to the apple display. I turned my back for 2 seconds and then saw apples all over the floor by my feet. "Hmmm", I think to myself, "that was awfully close to Chloe". There was also a loud noise accompanying the apples.

I turn around at warp speed only to find my daughter moving the corner box of the whole display, thereby, causing the avalanche of apples to occur. Two produce guys come running. They look bionic in nature with outstreched arms coming at me. Everything seems to be going in slow motion at this point. Chloe continues to reak havoc as I try to pry her cute, tiny, fat hand off the box. I apologize profusely and start backing away.

I see other customers walking past me shaking their heads. Years ago, I would have been doing the same thing. "My children will be much better behaved than that, they'll be perfect angels at the grocery store." That's one of those things you say before you have kids. Then you have them and realize you were a great idealist at the time. Kids are dirty, messy, loud, unpredictable and loud.

The crazy thing is, people were probably thinking...'that poor mom, i'm sure she'll get better at this whole mom thing as the little one gets older'...little did they know that she's my third!!! I'm supposed to know what I'm doing by now. Aren't I?!! My children certainly keep me humble! :)

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