Nov 20, 2007

Creative Naming

11/20/2007 — cori

At dinner tonight, we were telling Daddy about how we (the kids and I) were dancing around the house to our new 80's/90's mix cd this afternoon. We were laughing and having a blast. Bennett was getting a little crazy with swinging his arms around wildly and accidentally hit himself in his private parts. As he was relaying this story to Daddy it came out soooooo funny. This is exactly what he said:

"I was dancing and then hit myself in my privates. But I like to call them my gummy and the ones on the side I like to call my hot muffins."


Trying to appear serious and keeping that smirk from peeking out the corners of our mouths we both calmly ask, "Who did you hear say that?!" We don't like the kids to talk 'potty talk'. This just isn't normal conversation in our house. We knew he had to be copying something he heard. But it was just so funny and out of the blue.

But Mr. Honesty replies, "Nobody. I made it up myself. And I call my hair my oil. And I call my earlobes my....". He then proceeded to tell us the nickname version of all his body parts.

This is Bennett being Bennett. He was cracking himself up. This is on-the-spot humor. Some people call it comedic timing. Whatever it is, Bennett has it.

It was said with such innocence. And you've just got to give him an "A" for creativity.

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