Oct 1, 2012

Farm Life

10/01/2012 — cori
You know it's been a special day when you've gotten peed on by one of 7 dogs, pet a turkey and ridden a 4 wheeler all in one day!  Those were just a few of the highlights of our most recent farm visit.  Apparently, Floppy (the dog who peed on me) was claiming me as 'his'.  He was very happy to mark me and let all the other dogs know that he had first dibs.  Good thing I wore my 'farm clothes' which included my old jeans.  I had contemplated wearing shorts - good call on my part to ditch the shorts and opt for my oldest pair of jeans.  And then there was Lurch:

Yes...he is not your typical tom turkey.  He roams the property, just one more of the many animals Aunt Lou has a huge heart for.  He is missing many feathers because apparently the chickens don't like him.  They have plucked many of his feathers out.  He likes to follow you around, hissing and making his cackle call every now and then; sometimes terrorizing the dogs.  I wasn't brave enough to pet his head, but I did get a swipe of his back feathers.

Aunt Lou also took the kids horse back riding.  Chloe was in her element...she could do this all day.  She loves the smell, the dirt, the sweat and the work that goes along with horses.  Whenever I reached out to brush the dirt or grime off her face or hair, she would stop me and say, "I like it there, Mom, please leave it."  Bennett and Gavin enjoyed it I think as much as they enjoy eating brussel sprouts.

But then Uncle Joel broke out he big guns - the four wheeler.  He even let Chuck have the first solo ride.  While Chloe is riding horses and being dirty all day, her father would probably be right by her side smelling of fuel and caked in dust from riding the four wheeler until it runs out of gas.

The kids couldn't wipe those silly grins off their faces.  They LOVED that 4 wheeled wonder!  It empowered them and brought out their wild side.  Speaking of wild side, I decided to throw caution to the wind and lift my hands in a care-free, risk-taking sort of way that people often do when they're trying to show that they're not scared.  See...I'm not scared.   And I'm smiling...that means I'm having fun.

What happens at the farm...stays at the farm.

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