May 10, 2012

Spring Flowers

5/10/2012 — cori

The saddest things about pictures are that you can't smell them.  If you could, the intoxicating fragrance of this picture would make you keep your nose stuck to the computer screen all day.   These lilacs almost knock me over every day with their fragrant blooms.  I had no idea the power behind these tiniest of flowers.  You put a million of them together and their fragrance makes you walk around with a silly smile on your face the rest of the day because you're awed by their beauty and refreshing smell.  Joy is in the simple, little  things, isn't it?  I love sitting on my front porch, in my rocking chair and reading by the light of the sun and the fragrance of my lilacs.  This is going to be a good day.... I can just smell it!

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