Dec 6, 2014


12/06/2014 — cori

Chuck has been out of town all week, meaning...he's been out of the loop.  Our household is spinning many plates at the same time as are many household's with this age of children.  It's just par for the course.  If you step away from the spinning plates, for even a second, the dynamic changes drastically. Chuck stepped away.

Once he got back last night he thought he could jump right back in and take up where he left off.  In theory that's great; doesn't work in reality.  We started the morning by having to drop off Gavin for a Mock Trial event at 7:30 and pick up Chloe from a sleep over at 9am.  I also had to head to the grocery store while it and I were still slightly sane.  The grocery store becomes a mad house on the weekends and I didn't have time to get everything during the week.  My goal was to get there before 9am.  So Chuck offered to pick up Chloe so I could get an early start and keep my sanity in tact for the rest of the weekend.

This is us at our best.  We're a great team.  Seems straight forward, right?  There should be no story here.  Ahhh....but it wouldn't be us if there wasn't.

Chuck heads over to Katie's house.  He spends a good 15 minutes small talking with her parents while waiting for Chloe to come downstairs.  She never comes.  The mom makes a mention about how nice it will be for the girls to get together soon.  Chuck puts two and two together and realizes his mistake.  OMG!!!  How embarrassing!

He just randomly showed up at some friends' house to shoot the breeze for no reason at all...which is how it looked from their point of view.  They had just woken up.  Awkward.

He then calls me at the store to ask me how to get to Apen's house, the other friend who she spent the night with.  He avoids mentioning his mistake.  I thought that was a little odd.  It was later than when he said he'd pick her up.  I just thought he got a late start.   Once I get home I hear of  The Great Pick Up Fiasco. cannot walk away from the plates.  This parenting business is very tricky.  It's hard to know where your kids are at all times.  I've heard of an app you that allows you to write a list on your phone and share it between two people.  Too bad there's not an app for the list in my brain that keeps all those plates spinning.

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