Aug 28, 2013


8/28/2013 — cori
Yesterday we were driving down a stretch of road where you frequently see many people running and biking.  It was around dinner time.  As we look over to the side walk, we see this lady in her workout clothes walking briskly as she's shoving a foot long Subway sandwich down her gullet.  It was hilarious!  It was as if she was in a race to finish the sandwich before she got home so no one would see any signs of her eating it as she's 'working out'.  Or maybe she wanted a foot long so bad that she justified it by walking all the way to Subway and then back home to make herself feel better.

Then Bennett busts out with, "That's kinda like mom eating her 3 cookies before she works out."

And I'm like, "Bennett!!!  How could you divulge my secrets?!" in mock horror knowing he's completely right.

It's pathetically true, though.  Me and the Subway lady are the same.

We all had a good chuckle over that one.  Unfortunately, at my expense.

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