Jun 8, 2011

Carpe Diem

6/08/2011 — cori

Yesterday, it hit me...I only have 6 more years of Gavin living with us. What?! How am I supposed to swallow that pill? Where has the time raced off to? Six years is nothing, it flies by. It made me question alot of things.

Am I still treasuring him as the gift that God gave me? Do I push him aside more, now that he's older, so that I can get more of "my stuff" accomplished? Do I still sit and visit with him enough and really listen to his heart and crazy imagination stories? Am I living the life I desire him to imitate? Am I speaking with love, kindness, patience and humility in my voice? Do I serve him enough? Am I too busy barking out commands and chores and not praising him for the work he already has done? Am I trying to form him and his future in my image? Am I ready to let him go or am I holding on too tight?

Only six more years of him asking me goofy questions such as, "Would you mind clarifying my job description?" when asked to do his chores.

Only six more years of listening to tale after tale of Bioncle and Superhero feats.

Only six more years of watching him roll around on the floor as he fights villans from some imaginary place that only he knows as he unwinds from his day and retreats into his own little world.

Only six more years of him asking me questions that are above my ability level to answer.

Only six more years of seeing that adorable smile and huge howler monkey laugh of his day after day. He gets our humor and loves it. He has such a wonderful sense of humor and can laugh at himself. He doesn't take himself or his brilliant brain too seriously.

Only six more years of him asking, "So, Mom. How was your day?" when he doesn't know what else to say.

Only six more years of conversations so deep about God, this world and our place in it. Questioning life together. Living life together. The good and the bad, 24 hours a day.

Only six years with my favorite 12 year old. Wow! Thank you God for giving me that gentle reminder so that I can sieze the day and enjoy each moment we have together without any expectations.

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