Apr 28, 2012

I Am

4/28/2012 — cori

Gavin was assigned an "I Am" poem to write in school as part of a collage project.  He is to write a poem and then surround it with pictures that visually show who he is and what he likes.  He came home and immediately got to work.  The words seemed to flow like water out of him.  I love any glimpse I get of his brain.  But this poem blew me away since the only poem style I have mastered is of the Dr. Seuss variety.  Thankfully, he has given me permission to share it:

I am intuitive and innovative
I wonder where my life will lead me
I hear distant echos of the past
I see cloudy images of the future
I want to carry out the task I was made for
I am intuitive and innovative

I pretend that life is like a whirlpool
I feel the force of the water, pushing me at all sides 
I touch the twirling current, spinning me around
I worry that I may soon be spun out of control
I cry when the whirlpool sucks someone down forever
I am intuitive and innovative

I understand that all things come to an end
I say to enjoy it while you can
I dream that I would someday follow my own advice
I try to relish every moment, as if it were the last
I hope that somethings never do come to pass
I am intuitive and innovative.

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