Feb 6, 2020

New iPhone Feature

2/06/2020 — cori

My sweet girl was sick the other day. I woke up to several texts saying: "Mooooooom." When I didn't reply because I was sleeping, and Chloe didn't want to get out of bed to come get me, she reverted to using the new "echo" feature in the messaging app. This allows one to type in a word and for that word to reappear over and over again while cascading up the screen. That is what you see in this picture. 

This is the modern day equivalent of what we used to do as kids. We would either call our mom over and over again, with our voices, until she came into the room to see what we needed or ring the little bell she set by our bed for such an occasion. In our house, we have no little bell. But we do have personal cell phones with the echo feature and Chloe is very adept at using it. Can't you just hear her desperate, sick, voice with all those little "mooooom" texts floating up to heaven? I can. And I come running....when I can hear my phone, that is.

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