Oct 21, 2009

The Door

10/21/2009 — cori
This is Chloe's door. Notice the beautiful entry rug. It is her very own latch-hook creation. After all, don't rugs go in front of doors? I also especially love the multiple signs and artwork adorning the door. The silk flower on the door knob really gives it that extra something special, don't you think?

The (Secret) Club

10/21/2009 — cori
Most people might view these transformers that were discreetly placed right next to our property line as an eye sore or an inconvenience. To be honest, it doesn't really bother us...we chose to see the huge field that extends out beyond that, all the trees and the creek behind us instead of all the junction boxes. My brother jokingly refers to this mess of electrical boxes as our 'nuclear power plant'. Perspective is everything, right?!

Well, you would have thought we had gold sitting right outside of our house the way the boys and their neighbor friend see it. This little area has transformed (no pun intended) into "The AT&T
Super Secret Spy Club". You've got to give them points for originality and creativity with the name. And here are its members. They like to take picnic lunches out here, they talk 'strategy' out here and when not in use as a secret club, it moonlights as a Jedi base during those long, arduous light saber battles that drag on all afternoon after school. I've even witnessed them playing a board game or two out here. The pose is just for the picture. They take this club seriously. They are always 'hidden' (as much as you can be out in the open) when in their club. Their favorite way to 'hide' is often to lay down flat on your stomach and blend in with the grass or concrete as much as you can.

As you can see, there is a large field that dips down to a creek where all the spy business is usually carried out. They just convene for meetings and snacks in the "AT&T Super Secret Club". Did you know they even created ID badges? This club is top-notch. However, it is a very bad day indeed when the AT&T guys have to come and actually work at this transformer station. It is at that time when the boys come inside the house and check the spread sheet they created for alternate play activities. What a club!

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