May 8, 2012

What is important to you is important to me

5/08/2012 — cori

This past weekend, Bennett and I experienced what was probably the best day of his life - ever.  The University of Minnesota has a Raptor Center where they rehabilitate injured raptors.  Once a year they have a ceremony where they release these raptors back into the wild.  Bennett & I just happened to make that our date day.  It couldn't have been more awesome!

Bennett's obsession and love affair with birds of all varieties is widely known.  But to have someone else take as deep an interest in what you love and share the joy of that with you....well, that's priceless.  He loved that we got to do this together and that I thought the whole thing was as awesome has he did.

They had several areas sectioned off that allowed us to get some pretty amazing and up close and personal views of these spectacular birds of prey.  Bennett peppered the lady in the enclosed area with the birds with a million and one questions.  And then he proceeded to tell me every minute detail about each of the birds in the enclosure.  It was such a delight.

He told me more than once, "Mom, I think this is the best day of my life so far."

Here's his version in his own words.

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