May 25, 2010

Get Well Soon

5/25/2010 — cori
I have been sick with strep throat the past several days. Bennett just can't handle this. All of us hoped I would get better, not for my sake, but for Bennett's. His compassionate heart was just bleeding for me. It was so beautiful to see his genuine concern. But he wouldn't let up. He was constantly trying to make me better. Like one more foot rub would do the trick. Or one more Berentstain Bear book he read to me would finally break the spell. He brought me water with a straw and a little note. He was constantly checking on me. And my favorite...bringing me Ludens, my absolute favorite "medicine". I am apparently the only adult on earth who thinks Ludens has any medicinal qualities...and thankfully Bennett believes me, because he showered me with plenty of them. Then in one last ditch effort to make me well he creates a powerpoint slide show for me. This is it:

Evidently, this picture represents serenity and encourages health and wellness.

The last part, written in the pretty font, is part of a Bible verse and I say to kids each night. I thought it was adorable how he got it mostly right and he interpreted "may he lift up his countenance upon you...." as "acountinents"...I'm just now learning that this is how he hears it.

Evidently, this is what I look like when I sleep. I like how my legs levitate. And just for the record. I do NOT snore.

More encouraging words, although a bit morbid. I'm hoping he doesn't think my strep throat will lead to an early demise.

This is us, without arms, standing next to a river, proclaiming our love to one another, seriously.

If this can't make a person well again, what can?

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