Apr 12, 2006

The Rookie

4/12/2006 — cori

Bennett is soon to be discovered now, I’m sure. He’s made his way into the big leagues…he is now an official T-Ball player. All he has wanted to do for so long was be like his big brother and play something - anything - on a team. Alas, his dream has become reality and he is one of 15 little four year olds on the same team. And as if the coach had read Bennett’s mind, they chose purple uniforms (Bennett’s all time favorite color is purple, with brown a close second). Does life get any better than this?

Last night was opening night at the Town Lake Baseball Complex. Hundreds of 4 and 5 year olds donned their uniforms for the first time and had their turn up at bat. Being that this is also my first time to experience this lovely sport, I was unaware of the rules. Did you know that they let each of the 15 players on each team have two turns up at bat? Let’s just say we were there for a VERY LONG TIME!!

When our team was not up at bat they were ALL out in the field. Some stood on the bases, guarding it with their lives, others sat in the dirt making beautiful designs and then there were yet others, like my little rookie, who loved to kick the dirt and watch a mini dust storm explode into the air and blow out into the stands. That was fun for all.

What I especially loved to see was my son watch as the ball would roll past him 3 inches to his left. It appeared as if he were under strict orders to only bend down and catch the ball if it was hit directly to him. After all, there were plenty of other boys out there who could get it right?

Once our team was finally up to bat, it was a beautiful sight to behold indeed. How sweet and innocent all these little boys looked when they saw their ball drop off the tee and roll forward several inches. This was their very first hit on a real baseball field. Most of them were so awestruck that they forgot to run. Once they were finally given a little nudge, down they sprinted towards first base.

It was finally time for our dear Bennett to take his place at bat. I’m sure his nerves were going wild. So many people were looking at him (which he loves, by the way). Once the coach properly positioned him in the batter’s box (at first he was standing behind the tee) and whispered things such as “keep your eye on the ball” and “after you hit the ball, run”, he finally had his chance to make contact with the ball.

He hit a great shot and sprinted out of there….straight to the pitcher’s mound. My son is number 11, that means there were 10 other boys who batted and ran to first base before him. Don’t you think Bennett would have noticed that pattern? After his detour to the mound, he eventually made it to first base without getting tagged. I was laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. I was so proud of him. That was such a typical Bennett thing to do. He is who God made him – and I love that!

This morning, after the rush of game night had passed, I asked him what his favorite thing about his game was. Without hesitation he answered, “The snacks!”

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