Mar 30, 2016

Recreated Processes

3/30/2016 — cori

The other night at dinner (those famous last words), we were having another fascinating talk. I never know what to expect when Gavin brings up a topic. I was pleasantly surprised with the direction of this conversation:

"You know mom, it's interesting how most inventions and machines people have created work to recreate processes that exist in nature and in people."

"Oh ya. Hmmm. I've never really thought about that before. Can you give me some examples, Sweetie?"

Internal Combustion Engine mimics the stomach

Cameras mimic our eyes

Computers mimic our brains

Telephones mimic our vocal chords and ears

Airplanes mimic birds

Solar Panels mimic photosynthesis

Pistons/Pulleys/Motors mimic how our muscles work

Bi-ped Robots mimic the human ability to walk on two legs

Google/Siri/AI mimic how our brains and neuro-receptors interpret human speech and commands and work with the information

Mind-blowing!!! I wish I could have thoughts like these. This is why I am forever learning.

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