Oct 2, 2008

Who Are You Today?

10/02/2008 — cori

First thing in the morning  - every morning - Bennett NEEDS to know who Gavin is.  This might sound odd since Gavin is always Gavin.  But that would be a wrong assumption.  Gavin is not always Gavin.  On any given day he is one of 100 different super heroes he's invented over the past 9 years of his life.  Bennett is wise to ask this question, actually.  I might have a better grasp on who it is I'm actually dealing with on a day in and day out basis if I was smart enough to say with my opening breath, "Good Morning Sweetie, who are you today?"  The day might just go a little smoother.

But it's so funny how Bennett asks it with such anticipation.  He literally can't start his day without knowing who Gavin is and then he can pick his own super hero of choice.  I guess age gives way to preference - must be another one of Gavin's rules.  Not only does he have a million homemade superheroes, he also has rules of herodom and rules governing who can save the day with whom and when you may and may not be said superhero.  I have no clue how he keeps it all straight in his head.  That would take up way too much hard drive space in my little brain.  But I guess developing brains come equipped with some extra special features if they're being used non-stop.

I like to extrapolate things out often times. And I can just imagine the boys into adulthood, still best of friends, but probably not living close by and Bennett waking up every morning texting, emailing or calling his brother, "Hey, who are you today?"

Back when the boys were 5 and 3 all this superhero stuff was darling.  Back when they were calling each other Dick and Bruce ... those were the good old days.  I knew those superheroes.  I thought it was an adorable little phase that all boys go through.  I had no idea it would be lasting this long and they would be taking it to the next level.  I'm beginning to think I have been secretly chosen as some Superhero Training Mom and am secretly being videotaped with live feeds to some mysterious superhero planet.  Gavin might not be making all this stuff up afterall.  The joke's probably on me.  Who am I today anyways?

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