Apr 2, 2006

The Closer

4/02/2006 — cori

Gavin has just been introduced to the world of cut throat sales. His Cub Scout pack is having its first fundraiser and Gavin has now joined the thousands of American children thrown into the world of sales at way too young an age. He even has a sheet itemizing the bonuses, incentives and prizes for those lucky kids who’ve been blessed with the ‘sales’ gene and are able to sell the most.

Gavin is clueless. He’s never had to sell anything in his entire existence. We thought we should let him know what he might be up against so we did a practice run at our house. We told him to go outside and knock on our door. Then Chuck & I proceeded to take turns showing him the many colorful personalities he might encounter. We coached him in what to say, straightened his Scout scarf and bid him good luck. After retrieving his Cub Scout shirt from the bottom of the hamper and tucking half of it in (to look more legitimate), he was off.

The poor kid is so innocent. He takes people at face value, believes everything he hears and has no desire to try to talk anyone into anything. I had to let him know that people might say no and that’s okay. I know he’s going to have a hard time dealing with such blatant rejection – but hey, it’s for a good cause, right?!

There was no way I was going to be the one going door to door with Gavin. I just can’t handle the rejection on behalf of myself and my poor son (wonder where he gets it?). So, off go Chuck and Gavin down the street. Then ‘little miss decides that she wants to tag along. Chuck doesn’t mind – he thinks it’s a great marketing ploy. After all, who can turn down a cute, adorable, little toddler? Nobody will say no to her.

Then Bennett, dressed in full Spiderman costume (mask included), announces that he’s going too. Forever his brother’s champion, he declares, “Gavin, if they say no, I’ll tie them up for ya.” At least now we know who the salesman in our family is.

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