May 16, 2016

It Is Finished

5/16/2016 — cori
It only took a year but we finally did it! Our master bathroom is complete with working shower and all. Here's what we had to work with....

Green and ugly

Dark and gloomy to...

Open and light

clean and bright

white and nice

my happy place

We did every single thing by ourselves except for installing the glass in the shower. Thus, the year timeline. We ripped everything out and were down to studs, plywood and a few pieces of sheetrock. Our original plan was to get rid of the post by the shower, but it turned out to be load-bearing, so...we worked around it. It was a long, tedious process. Everything that could go wrong pretty much did. But alas, it is finished. It's not perfect...but neither are we; so it fits us nicely.

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