Jul 7, 2005

To Share or Not to Share

7/07/2005 — cori

I am plagued with this dilemma too many times in one day to know how to respond appropriately anymore. Take today for example....

I just got a beautiful new bookcase delivered today. We placed it in the living room (down the same hall that the batcave is located, incidentally). The very first thing Gavin said when he saw it was, "Wow, Mom, this shelf is great! We can use these two bottom shelves to put all our Super Gavin & Super Bennett stuff (i.e.- capes, masks, socks and all other necessary superhero paraphernalia).". And then he proceeds to take off his all important SuperGavin cape (which is a very old Tigger blanket) and shove it into the new space he now assumes is his.

I have not yet had this bookcase for an hour and it is already being defiled with 'kid stuff'. I bought a bookshelf to place my books upon, not to stuff full of superhero gear. I have not yet had the time to sit and muse over the innate beauty of the wood, how the hues work perfectly with the tone of my other furniture, how it completes our living room with such elegance. Instead, I am already having to hoard my stuff, call it mine, and tell my sweet 6 year old that he may never use those two shelves for his stuff because it is only for my stuff. I believe in sharing as much as the next guy. I teach my kids to share (obviously not by example), but you've just got to draw the line somewhere.

Another daily sharing predicament I find my self in begins first thing in the morning with breakfast. First, to understand the dilemma I find my self in, you need to understand my pathetic food frustration. I have been destined to not enjoy most good food in this life. My food choices are extremely limited. There seem to be way too many foods in this world that either give me a migraine or an ulcer. Either way, if I find one, little, tiny morsel of food that I can eat and enjoy (that is not green and grown in the ground), it becomes mine ONLY. Everyone knows to stay away from 'Mommy's food'. I told you I was pathetic.

So....the ONLY food I eat every morning for breakfast is an english muffin occasionally with some fruit on the side. Undoubtedly, everyday, as soon as Bennett sees me eat my food he says, "Can I have a bite mommy?". Now, I hate to deny my child food, but its not like he doesn't already have his own yummy breakfast in front of him (that I can't eat, but can prepare). He looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and that little bit of drool running down his cheek. What's a mom to do? I have two tiny little circles of a bread product, smothered in butter and peanut butter and that is it for me all morning. Yet, invariably, Bennett always ends up with one of my tiny little circles of bread product while I chew real slowly in order to make the other last as long as possible (but not too long otherwise Bennett will want the rest of that one too).

Lessons learned:

1. wake up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast before the kids get up
2. eat breakfast in the pantry with the light off so the kids don't know I'm in there
3. learn how to share by watching my 1, 3, and 6 year olds - they seem to have the concept down better than I do. :)

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