Mar 8, 2007

The New Me

3/08/2007 — cori

I recently had the privilege of going to the hair salon. It's a privilege because it is so rare (maybe once every 2 1/2 months). The kids get equally excited because they know Mommy is gone for a long time (2 whole hours alone) and comes back looking different. They wait with eager anticipation of what Mommy will look like.

Incidentally, Chuck had a little heart to heart with the boys about being a little too honest with what they felt I looked like (as in, "We don't think you look good in that" brutal honesty). He told them, "When Mommy comes back from the hairdresser and if for some crazy reason, you don't like her hair, what are you going to say?" Gavin responds with, "Tell her we like it anyway?" He's clueless. I'm sure Chuck would rather just concede and say, "That would probably be the smartest thing to do"... but thankfully he took the higher road and said, "No buddy. You don't need to lie. But if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." The timing couldn't have been more perfect. This way, they were going to be on guard about blurting out the first thought that might slip into their head regarding my 'new do'.

I had been getting my hair highlighted for many years and recently made the ol' switcheroo back to my original color. However, the kids have no clue that I even had an original color. So, at lunch, I informed the kids that I would be gone during dinner to get my hair cut. Gavin comes back with, "You mean they cut your hair too?". Thankfully, Chloe is there to clear up the misconception of the hairdressing occupation and promptly informs Gavin that, "No...she paint mommy hair. Dat all."

The hairdresser is a very mysterious place to my boys being that they've never stepped foot in one. I've always cut their hair. Their idea of a haircut is kneeling on the floor in the garage while Mommy gets the electric razor out and shaves their head. What is all this talk of cutting and painting at a beauty salon? It is just beyond their realm.

Well...the moment of truth comes. I come home from my 2 hour reprieve and am met with wondrous stares from the boys. Their eyes are sparkling as if they were a puppy dog and I was holding a new bone out for them. They can't wipe that cute little goofy grin off their faces. Gavin was the first to say, "Mom, your hair looks nice." with as much genuineness as he can find. Why thank you, Honey. How sweet. Bennett echoes his sentiment but also adds, "Mommy, you look new. You look 20." Well, this is a first. I've never been told I look new before. That's kinda fun. And then Chloe adds, as she's petting my hair, "Mommy, why didn't she paint it purple?"

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