Aug 9, 2012

What Song Defines You?

8/09/2012 — cori

When I asked Gavin recently what song defines him, he thought for a long while, then with conviction answered, "When the Sand Runs Out" by Rascal Flatts.  I was actually surprised.  I didn't know this about him.

Bennett thought "Eye of the Tiger" was a pretty accurate representation of himself.  But then later recanted and said that even though he loves Adele, he would have to say that Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" best expressed who he was and how he lived life.

Chloe wouldn't be a typical 8 year old girl if she didn't tell me, "Oh Mommy!  I just love 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift.  To which I replied, "I know you do, Honey.  But I don't want your favorite song, I want you to tell me which song best describes you, who you are, what you love in this life, what you think is important."  In typical fashion, she can't commit to just one song so she gave me three.  The first is the same as Gavins.  The second and third are by her other favorite musician, Laura Story, "Mighty to Save" and "Blessings."

I love when my kids share their hearts with me.  I find the vulnerable beautiful.

Just in case you're wondering, Chuck has two life defining songs:  Lead Me, by Sanctus Real and "Offering" by Third Day.  These are the perfect descriptions for a man who is incredibly humble, wise and full of grace and love.  He is the better half of me.

I'm a tad bit more complicated.  Of course I would pick an instrumental to be the song that defines me...that I want played at my funeral.  The song, Promontory on the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack puts the thoughts of my head, the feelings of my heart and the energy of my body into one all encompassing song.  I am so thankful to Trevor Jones for composing it.  I'm too complicated to be defined by words only, the music describes who I am perfectly, serious, strong, playful, joyful, full of emotion and life, vulnerable, awestruck, humbled, and deep.

Maybe you know us a little better now by knowing the words that others put to music that speak the melodies and truths that echo in our hearts and lives.

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