Mar 2, 2020

Exercising Our Creative Muscles

3/02/2020 — cori

What else are you supposed to do when it's cold and gray outside? We thought it would be a perfect day to do some art. It's a very cool story how this came to be. I was waiting for a meeting to start at work. A co-worker and I were visiting. He was telling me about how he has started dabbling in art. I was so happy for him. I shard with him how I had just finished reading about how we in the West often become too cerebral and loose touch with the creative/emotional side of our brain. The following week, he brought me that whole palette of colors you see sitting in the middle of the table, some brushes and some canvases. He said, "It sounded like you would enjoy this." What a thoughtful, kind gesture!

 These were the fruits of our labors yesterday. We had a relaxing (most of us - Chloe, not so much) time letting our creative juices flow. Bennett did the Kobe jersey and Horsetooth Mountain. Chloe did the Be Happy Sunflower. I did the 4 mini-tiles that were supposed to look like a hand-painted ceramic tile. Chuck did the incredible moonscape. Can't wait for the next time! I need a lot more of this outlet for my brain. It's hard to try something you're not good at and be okay with it. I never want to stop growing and learning. This outlet will aid me in that goal.

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