Aug 3, 2009


8/03/2009 — cori
How the time flies! When did my little girl get so big? From the time she could communicate, her life's goal has been to be 'a real mommy'. Dress like a real mommy, talk like a real mommy, wear lipstick like a real mommy. Oh, to attain the height of mommy-hood!

Just the other day, we were taking a walk through the neighborhood. She asks me, "Mommy, does this look like an outfit a real mommy would wear?" I look at her mismatched ensemble of tank top with long, black polka-dot, flowy skirt (that she tries to put with everything she owns) and respond with, "Sure honey, that looks kinda like something a mommy might wear." Oh no...that's not good enough. She comes back with (in her high pitched mommy voice), "No. It is exactly what a mommy would wear." bad. So I asked her, does my outfit look like a mommy outfit? She's looks me over and says, "No. It looks like an exercise outfit." Evidently, I'm not a 'real mommy' when I'm exercising because I'm not in a skirt. There are rules to being a mommy you know.

She's ever the perceptive one. Extremely detailed. She hears all the conversations around her and tries to use them in the course of her day. For example, she knows several people who are gluten free. This must have sounded 'big' to her, so she tried to find an appropriate opportunity to incorporate this into her play. The other day, her and a friend are playing kitchen in the same room I'm in. Chloe is supposed to be the guest and the friend is the cook. She feels she needs to tell the cook something so she saunters over to the kitchen and tells her friend in her most high tone and impressive mommy voice, "I'm gluten free you know. And also I'm allergic to fuzz." Her friend looks at her quizzically. Obviously she has never heard of this and responds like any 6 year old should, "You're what???" Chloe, ever the thoughtful mommy, feels she needs to expand her young subject's limited nutritional understanding and explains, "It means I can't eat normal food, okay. Just rice cakes and stuff." Satisfied that her friend understands her nutritional needs, she heads back to her table and awaits her fake food. Hopefully it is gluten free.

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