Aug 12, 2015


8/12/2015 — cori

Yesterday Chloe spent the better part of the afternoon laying out front on a quilt spread on the cool grass with a book in front of her and her camera ever close by.  She took this awesome photo while contentedly enjoying her time outside.

We might appear that we have a problem.  We have books lying around all over this house.  I woke up this morning and went to sit in the front room to drink my tea and read, as is the custom, and this is what I beheld:

4 books laying haphazardly on the coffee table

5 books piled up by the chair

as well as the ever constant stack by my chair

This is what I love most about my house. There are books in every corner of every room on every surface being read, waiting to be read, and/or on a shelf after being enjoyed. This makes my heart happy. The rooms might look a little cluttered, there may be some random book on the floor, counter top, or side table but you will never see me exasperated by it.  I will be smiling and content because it shows me that my children are always growing their minds, always learning, always seeking new ideas and adventures, always enveloped in imagination. 

The summer has been a wonderful time of immersing our selves in books for pleasure. Chuck often comes home from work to find all of us sitting in the front room curled up with our own books, lost in some other time. It's peaceful. It's our happy place. He can't wait to join us. I'm so thankful we all share this love of reading and that it binds us together. Not only do we love to read together, we love to share what we learn from what we're reading. We have some of the most fun, informative, interesting, challenging, inspiring conversations based on what we're reading. 



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