Sep 16, 2009

Career Day

9/16/2009 — cori
Lucky for us, the school is having Career Day today. Gavin couldn't wait to show me what he was going to wear to school. He said, "Since dressing up like an acrobat would be too hard, this is what I'm going to wear today:"

Thank God he showed me before he walked out the door and straight into humiliation. We all know about Gavin's ginormous imagination. I'm not sure the school has caught on yet though. I was okay with the whole 'super hero' theme - I've lived with it the past 10 years, I've come to accept it as a relevant vocational occupation for him. But, I just could NOT let him walk into a room full of other 5th graders with a Tigger 'cape' (i.e.- blanket) that he's had since he was like 3 or 4. It has been used in such a manner all these years. It is perfectly normal for him to run thru the halls of Mallott Kingdom donning such attire. It is not perfectly normal, nor I doubt has anyone in his school ever witnessed such a phenomenon, to do so in a public, institutional environment. People will talk. Not like they're not already talking about the whole Super Hero Career he's about to launch into...but I'd rather them talk about that any day. I cannot even express my heartfelt relief that we have no spandex leotards lying around the house - otherwise, he might just have gone as his first option - an acrobat. Thank God, this is what he left the house looking like today:
I have no doubt that he will one day be a genuine super hero - I just don't think the world is ready for him yet. And let it be known, this has absolutely nothing to do with being homeschooled the previous 5 years. It's who he is. Plain and simple. And I just love who he is! No one can teach someone to be like this. Although, I'm sure the school thinks otherwise.

Bennett thought long and hard about his career options as well. There are just so many options: cheetah trainer, falconer (these are still his top two), zoo guy, football player and/or basketball player. He said he chose football player only for today since he had the appropriate clothing. He had no clue what a falconer wore. Thank goodness he didn't decide to go in a long, medieval looking tunic and cloak. He said that he would go as a football player for today, but that doesn't mean he committing to that vocation only. He said he'd play football on Sunday and then on Monday go be a zoologist.
I love how kids have the freedom to dream and opportunities seem endless to them. I'm also thankful that God directs their steps and that we all grow in maturity. I also used to think like my kids...I knew I could do and be anything I wanted. But my heart was always set on being a Mommy. I'm so glad God let me live my dream! I'm so anxious to know the grown-up Gavin and see how God plans to use all his super hero skills.

P.S - I found this picture from Dec. 2004 of Gavin wearing the famed "Tigger Cape". Proof of the long time love affair he's had with this most special possession of his. I know we have at least 20 more such poses. Thankfully, he's not still asking me to draw logos on his chest anymore.

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