Sep 14, 2009

Saving Tears

9/14/2009 — cori

We were eating out at a restaurant this past weekend. In the short amount of time it took for me to accompany Chloe to the bathroom and back, Bennett apparently got hurt. We were all sitting in a booth. Daddy and the boys used my being absent as an opportunity to horse around. From what I hear, Daddy and Bennett were shoving each other without regard for any and all table manners. They find this activity 'fun', I guess.

Anyways, I come back and I notice that Bennett does not look like himself, so I ask, "Bennett, honey, what is wrong? I can tell you've been crying." Gavin, the ever faithful referee in such wrestling matches, informs me that Daddy pushed Bennett into the wall with his foot and Bennett hit his head. I realize that this is coming from Gavin, the kid with the flair for the over dramatic, and that Chuck is in no way beating up our children, but enjoying a little jovial push back and forth with Bennett.

Bennett, mustering up his best pathetic and injured look, including the pouty lip, looks at Daddy and says in a most sincere voice, "See this tear on my cheek? I saved it there so Mommy could tell that I was crying." Who knew I stepped right into his trap. The tear I noticed was a plant, made to incriminate Daddy and make innocent Bennett look like he was just sitting there eating his burger, minding his own business, when big 'ol Daddy up and pushed him into the wall.

Oh, he sure knows how to play the 'victim' well. This is proof. Don't forget 'Saving The Tear Technique' - it works like a charm everytime.

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