Mar 20, 2015

College Roommates

3/20/2015 — cori

Chuck and I were regaling Gavin with stories of our old college roommates today.  This picture pretty much sums up our experiences.

For some reason we used to give Chuck's roommates nick-names.  One was called 'Stinky' - for obvious reasons.  Another was called 'Get Up And Go' because he would literally get out of bed, already dressed and walk out the door and go to class.   And then there was 'Stuart'.  His name was said as a cuss word.  He was so weird.  He blew his nose, very loudly and disgustingly, into the sink at all hours of the day and night.  Lastly, his favorite roommate was whipped by his girl friend at the time who was a 'work-out nazi'.  She pouted, cajoled, and manipulated him to get him to go workout with her all the time.  When all he wanted to do was play NHL Hockey, EA Sports and Mario Cart on the Nintendo with Chuck.  

My very first roommate was a Bohemian who never washed her hair (and I'm not sure if she even showered), had it in dread-locks, wore clothes from the 70's - mostly tie-dye and was an art major. I'm sure you can visualize her side of the room.  My side consisted of Precious Moments posters, a pristine white and pink Laura Ashley bed-spread with rose-buds and my prize possession, a cross-stitch of bears and bunnies that I framed and set next to my boom-box.  I don't know who was weirder - her or me.  I had just escaped from my little bubble and had yet to learn of the 'real world' outside of our cult church.

Another roommate only ate boiled chicken.  And yet another one told me she was reading up on becoming a Wiccan.  I found this interesting since I had met her parents and they were Christian missionaries.  She showered up to three times a day or more.  She liked to be really clean.

Good times

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