Apr 20, 2010

Data Overload

4/20/2010 — cori

This scene unfolds before you while we are at the dinner table (where else?):

Gavin: "Boy, I sure was hungry at lunch today."

Me: "Why Honey?"

Gavin: "Because I only had a half a sandwich."

Me: "Were you not hungry?"

Gavin: Just looking at me with a silly grin on his face.

2.5 minutes later.....

Me: "Ooooooohhhhhh!!!!"

Here's the problem. Gavin always gets two circle ham sandwiches in his lunch - everyday. Bennett always gets a half a sandwich (any variety). I normally make this sometime in the pre 7am hour. Both lunch boxes are the exact same shape and size, just different colors. Unbeknownst to me, I put the wrong sandwich baggie in the wrong lunch box and there was no quality control checking up on me and they went out that way.

Upon realizing the error of my ways, I grabbed my head and moaned. And laughed. And moaned some more. I asked Chuck to just commit me to the mental hospital now. I do believe either I'm processing too much data in that tiny brain of mine or I need to start downloading some of those big files up there to an external hard drive to make more room.

Then suddenly, the error of my ways hit Bennett and he proclaimed, "So that's what was different about my lunch. I knew something wasn't right." But he ate the sandwich anyways (& threw the other one away).

Gavin just found the whole scenario hilarious and very typical of his loopy mother. He's come to expect these sort of shenanigans from me now-a-days.

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