Jul 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

7/30/2010 — cori
Gavin seems to be going thru a 'tooth spurt'. He's lost several teeth all in a row over the past week or two. The tooth fairy seldom remembers to visit him the first night. This little over sight seems to provoke him.

After two different teeth falling out and giving the tooth fairy lots of repeat business, Gavin wakes up and tells me one morning, "Mom, the tooth fairy didn't come again last night."

"What did she need to come again for? You've already broke the bank with all your teeth recently."

To which he non-chalantly replied, "I had another tooth under my pillow last night."

"WHAT?! You didn't tell me you lost another tooth!"

"Exactly. I was trying to see if the tooth fairy would still come if I didn't tell you guys about my lost tooth."

So he's playing a little experiment on us is he? I'm thinking maybe he's on to something.

So, that night he goes to put his 3rd lost tooth under his pillow, but can't find it. So, he decides to write a note to the fairy. As you can tell, he went all out.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, the tooth fairy did not show up that night. Come to find out, we had two very disappointed children. Apparently, Chloe jumped on the note writing bandwagon and left her own note for the fairy.

We told both the kids that under no circumstances will the fairy come unless there is a bona fide tooth under the pillow. She does not answer questions or write notes. Do you think you can leave a note for Santa under your pillow any day of the week and expect him to respond? Come on now.

I'm thinking its time we had a little heart to heart with Gavin. I'm actually thinking he's been playing us for quite some time now. What people do for money.


7/30/2010 — cori

This morning Bennett, Chloe and I were walking through a field filled with dandelions and clover on our way back from a park. Instinctively, Bennett reached down and picked up the dandelion. And just as instinctively and quickly I said, "Bennett DO NOT eat that dandelion." Do normal people tell their children this? Should that have been the first words out of my mouth? Why did I know my son wanted to eat the dandelion? Call it intuition. Call it past experience. Just call it Bennett. This is how he rolls.

"Awww Mom. Why not? They're good."

See. I just knew that's what he was going to do. "Honey. I don't take issue with you wanting to eat a dandelion [parental note: you've got to pick your battles]. What I take issue with is that this particular one is in a random field. Do you know how many dogs might have peed on it? Or how many soles of shoes have tramped across it?" See...quick thinking on my feet (something I'm not typically known for). Afterall, this is a health and safety issue. I continue with, "Honey, you can eat all the dandelions in our backyard if you want...just not out in public."

I think he appreciated my line of reasoning.

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