Feb 27, 2008

For The Love of Nature

2/27/2008 — cori
Living in Texas, we're blessed with bouts of warmer weather during the winter months. When it reaches the 60's and it's sunny...it takes alot to keep us indoors. This past Sunday was one of those days we just had to be outside. So Chuck packed a backpack of all the necessary, important hike gear (Swiss army knife, water, a large rope) and we piled in the car en route to our favorite hiking grounds around here.

Finding just the right stick is paramount. How can one hike without holding on to an object with which to poke, dig and/or hit with? Chloe is demonstrating to Grandma the expert skill she has acquired in all her years of hiking of how to point out the smallest object in the dirt and then prod it until it becomes one with the dirt.

There's nothing better than finding that perfect climbing tree. We all took turns climbing the ladder like rungs of this wonderful, stately, old cedar tree. Chloe was in perfect princess form showing us how to grace the bottom of the tree with her presence.

And what hike would be complete without a little swing on a rope? Chuck bravely dangled off the side of this tree and with expert precision (and a few scratches and bruises), tied a tight enough knot that allowed all of us the chance to be Tarzan for just a brief moment in time. Wooping and hollering echoed through the serene landscape. There's just something about dangling over the precipice of a 4 foot drop off over a trickling stream that seems to incite hunger for more danger and adventure. I couldn't let them have all the fun! For some reason, Mom and Chloe opted out of the event.

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