Jan 10, 2010

Love Notes

1/10/2010 — cori
I am super tickled everytime I sit down at the table. Because there, waiting for me, is usually some assortment of love note from any number of my admirers. Sometimes there will be one on my bed, my dresser, my tub or at my computer. But as of late, my place at the table has been the coveted spot of choice. These little uplifting notes just bless my heart day after day. I'm so thankful to my children for their thoughtfulness and to their Daddy for instilling and modeling that beautiful quality.

My thoughts regarding some of these deep, heart-felt sentiments: Bennett, in the first one in the upper left hand corner thanks me for being nice to him. That makes me wonder if he thinks I'm normally not nice to him. What qualifies 'nice' in his world? Shouldn't all moms be nice to their kids? He also drew a lovely little picture of me under the refrain, my mom "rocks"! I'm a little puzzled about the quotation marks surrounding the "rocks" part. Does he mean I literally or figuratively rock. Maybe 'rocks' is code-word for something else. And no, I'm not playing a guitar in that picture. He explained to me that that is me as "Super Mommy" and the large circle around me (and my appropriate attire of dress and high heels) is my cape. It appears as though I'm 'rocking' into outer space. I'm so thankful that this is how he loves to show me love.

Chloe will never let anyone out-do her. So if Bennett is putting notes on my placemat, Chloe is putting 2 notes on my placemat. She will not be under sold. Or out-spelled. In the pink love note, her well wishes are for me to 1) feel better and 2) enjoy my omlette. Which I indeed did.

I treasure these days and all the ways, little or big, that those around me show me love. I can only hope they feel my heartfelt love in return.

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