Jan 11, 2010

Gavin Eve

1/11/2010 — cori
Gavin has officially dubbed today, the day before his 11th birthday, 'Gavin Eve'. Just in case anyone was wondering.

I can't believe how fast 11 years have flown by. What a joy, honor, privilege and journey it has been learning how to be a Mommy and having this sweet boy be my guinea pig.

As I was looking back at pictures of this little boy's life, I realized, we didn't even have digital cameras that long ago. Maybe some people did, but we were definitely late adding that little luxury to our list of electronic toys. We did not make much money at all when Gavin was little but we look back at that time of our lives as some of the most fun. We did't need money to be happy. We were very creative, found lots of parks and free things to do and just took time to enjoy each other. Thank God for his extreme patience with me as I muddled through the waters of new parenthood. I'm still learning right alongside my son.

Looking back, it's easy to see the characteristics in him that make him who he is today...but back when he was one, he was still so new to me. I couldn't imagine how or who he was going to be. I love his personality. I love how he communicates with me. I love his sense of humor. I love his intense, internal desire to know more and learn more. I love how patient, forgiving and laid back he is. Some days his quirks drive me insane...on others, I giggle about how cute they are. I love his teachable and sensitive heart. I'm so thankful for his considerate nature. I love his need to share every tiny detail of his day with me and ask about every tiny detail of mine. His love of reading far out-weighs even mine.

Lastly, my greatest prayer has been answered this year as Gavin entered public school for the first time in his life. Since the day each of my children were born I've prayed that God would make them confident of who they are in Him...that God would draw them to Himself and they would not choose Him because of our pushing or prodding or pleading, but because they saw Mommy and Daddy need Him and love Him and that they would one day choose the same. Amidst the daily trials he encounters in his new school setting, Gavin has not wavered in character or in heart one bit. He is who he's always been and hasn't allowed others to change that. I'm proud of him for making the hard choice often times. I'm proud of him for being true to who he is and thankful to God for all the lessons he is teaching him right now about how to live in this world.

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