Oct 4, 2013

Good vs. Evil

10/04/2013 — cori

A few weeks ago Chuck emailed me a tweet he saw on Twitter:

I think I'm completely comfortable with Jesus' demand that I be a servant...until somebody actually talks to me like one.

I find myself meditating about that ALL the time. Especially when I'm driving or at the store. As I was thinking about it today, I had a major revelation...at least to me. I was wondering why I get upset when someone talks down to me or talks to me rudely. Well, that's obvious - it's rude and not kind. I like kind and not rude people. Who doesn't, right? And then it hit me, by judging the person 'unkind' and 'rude' I have just appropriated the knowledge of good and evil towards this situation. Maybe that's why God never wanted Adam and Eve to eat from that tree. If we know the difference between good and evil and judge people as such, we feel justified in not loving them. The ONE thing Jesus says that people will know us as his followers by is through our love. So...knowing the difference between good and evil keeps us from loving. He loved me and forgave me before I knew I needed it. Maybe that's why judging is so wrong, it puts us in the shoes only God can fill. I am not the one to deem who is worthy of love, forgiveness or grace. My job is to love and not play God by deciding who deserves it by their actions.

Now if I could just remember that....

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