Mar 28, 2005

Read My Yips

3/28/2005 — cori

We have this crazy game called "Read My Lips" that we enjoy playing. I'm sure you can deduce from the title what the game is about. The kids think it's hilarious and love to play it all day long with me. Bennett will come up to me at random points in the day and say, "Mommy, read my yips" and then he normally mouths the exact same thing every time "I wuv woo". It stretches my lip reading ability when I have to decode his three year old language skills and turn them into 'real words'. It's hard enough to understand him sometimes when he speaks aLOUD (which he does all the time - nonstop). Now try reading lips of someone who doesn't really speak English properly. The game stops being fun at that point, at least for me. He thinks its hilarious, of course.

Often, while we're driving, the boys will be in the backseat playing this lovely game together. It's fine by me, because then the noise level in the van decreases dramatically! But the funny thing is how they play. First, I must explain their obsession with role playing. My children are forever Batman and Robin. Gavin being Batman, a.k.a, Bruce and Bennett always wanting to be Robin, a.k.a, Dick. They even go so far as to call each other by their alter ego names out in public. So, they're in the backseat saying things like, "Dick, hey Dick, read my lips: I love Batman". Then Bennett decides to join in the game and plays along dutifully be responding, "Bruce, hey Bruce, read my yips: I love Robin". You'd think they would change what they 'love' every once in a while - but no, consistency is the name of the game here.

Oh how I love Bruce and Dick! Bennett has informed me though, that sometimes he is called Richard, because Dick is just a nick-name for Richard. So, at any given point in the day he could be Richard, Dick or Bennett. Gavin is normally Bruce Wayne, but can suddenly and without notice, change into Clark Kent. This really helps my perpetual state of confusion. I never know who to call or what to call them. By the time I finally get them to respond, I have forgotten what it was I needed Bruce or Dick to do. So are the trials of my day....

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