Aug 27, 2013

Smile Problems

8/27/2013 — cori
As Chloe and I were cuddling in bed this morning, enjoying the last days of summer together before they slip on by and school schedules start taking over, she confides something of great importance to me.

"Mom, you know what problem I have?"

"What Sweetie?"

"Every time I smile, drool comes out the corners of my mouth."

"Seriously? Like only when you're laying down or all the time?"

"All the time.  When I smile real big then I have to do this..." she says as she's wiping the corners of her adorable mouth with the backside of her hand.

"Oh my.  That is a problem.  I never knew this about you.  That's what I'm going to think about every time you smile from now on."

And then we both got a huge case of the giggles.

What a fun way to start the day.

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