Mar 21, 2011

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

3/21/2011 — cori
*not actual pig in our yard - image found on internet (photo credit Raul Romero Jr)

I was out running an errand today when I received this call from Gavin,

"Hi Mom. How are you? Um....I was just calling to tell you that I, uh, just saw a pink pig in our yard."

"Uh...excuse me? Did you just say a pig?"


"Is this a joke Honey?"

"No. I was just laying here reading and then I heard Ninja bark so I looked out the window and there was a little pink pig in our front garden."

"Seriously? A pink pig?"


"Where is it now?"

"I don't know."

"Hurry! Run and find it and take a picture! I've GOT to see this!"

"Okay. Goodbye Mom."

Chloe and Bennett were with me and heard only my end of the conversation. Chloe asks, "What was that?" I told her, "Your brother saw a little piggy in front of our house. I told him to go take a picture."

Are you really ever prepared for when someone tells you they saw a pig in your yard? How are you supposed to react?

We zoom home in hopes of seeing the piggy but were met with no such luck. We even went on a search and rescue mission enabling the help of our dear Ninja, but still couldn't find the little pink pig. Bummer.

Then about an hour later, my neighbor texts me, "Get husband was driving past your house and saw a pig next to it...yes, I just said a pig." I'm sure she wasn't expecting me to say, "Ya, I know."

Our greatest fear is upon us. The national geographic channel's prophecy is coming true, we are finally under attack by the feral hog. In our case, the pink piggy.

It's rather hard to know what to expect to happen next at this house, isn't it?!

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