Mar 22, 2005

First Impressions

3/22/2005 — cori

Well, we're off to a good start on the socialization scence in the new neighborhood. In two months, so far we've only met 1 neighbor. I even made a batch of cookies to bring her. However, everyday I walked over to her house to bring them to her, she wasn't home. And I didn't feel it was polite to just leave them on her door step. So, I kept waiting until I saw her car at home to bring them to her. I felt kinda like a stalker. Anyways, to make a long story short. All those delicious cookies sitting around my house and no one would ever know if I just didn't give her all of them. So I started taking a few here and there to munch on. Boy am I glad she finally came home. She ended up with all of 4 cookies. How pathetic am I?!? Nice neighbor. Did I mention I'm also a cookie monster?

So, tonite another neighbor decides it would be a nice time to drop in on us and introduce themselves. How incredibly sweet and nice they were. I just feel bad for the scene they walked into. They had no way of knowing that my boys wanted to be indians today. So, they were dressed up as indians, including the whole face make-up and feather indian hat thing. I think Bennett had his pants on, but I can't be sure. And since we've been studying the Rain Forest and the Amazon River in geography, they decided to be indians that lived in the rain forest. That meant they had to build houses in trees. What, in our house could possibly substitute for a tree? Ah yes, the stairway. So, as these sweet, unsuspecting people entered my house, they are welcomed by my two make-up clad, crazy-dressing, tree-house living children whose blankets, pillows and stuffed animals liter the entire stairway. They then think the neighbors came by to watch them jump off their "tree house", so they put on quite the show.

There is no second chance now. Their opinions are already completely formed about me and my clan. I can only work on damage control from here on out. I better make them a really big batch of cookies and bring them over right away!!

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