Apr 24, 2014

Lessons from Little House

4/24/2014 — cori

Can I just say I LOVE this show!  I don't care if that's the popular opinion or not.  I grew up on it, learned from it and continue to value the life lessons gained from it.  Whether you feel it was accurate of the timeframe, horribly idealistic, true or not, I bet we could still find some common ground of appreciation.

Chuck and I spent a long time last night talking about how much this show impacted us as kids and even now well into adulthood.  Having grown up without a positive male role-model, Pa became his surrogate Dad.  He said that everything he learned about being a Dad and husband came from Pa's example.  We could even list our favorite episodes, remembering the plot clearly.  I always appreciated Ma's quiet strength.  She did hard things, gracefully.  Although, I also remember fearing I would one day wake up blind, just like Mary did.  I walked around with my eyes closed for months, practicing - just in case that dreadful day ever rolled around.

Here is the list of things I've gleaned from Little House:

1.   Pa (and Ma) always put his family first, even above his own desires.

2.   Pa had an extremely hard work ethic.

3.   Pa adored his wife and always took the time to show her he appreciated and loved her.

4.   Ma respected Pa, even when she disagreed with one of his decisions.

5.   Ma never felt sorry for herself and did anything she could do to help the family.

6.   Ma was soft spoken, well educated, graceful toward others and devoted to her family.

7.   Pa genuinely enjoyed his children, playing with them, laughing with them, teaching them.

8.   They taught their children the value of hard work - everyone chipped in.

9.   They gave their children freedom to make their own choices and learn from them.

10. They disciplined their children out of love, not fear.

11. Their community was an integral part of their lives, they learned how to live with hard people.

12. Bad things happen. You learn from it and move on.  Don't wallow in self-pity.

13. Life's not fair, make the most of it.

14. They weren't afraid to tackle on hot-topic issues such as race, immigration, and politics.

15. They taught their children how to love others they didn't like and how to appreciate each other.

16. Every single episode had a moral to the story.  It wasn't entertainment for entertainment's sake.

17. They lived within their means.

18. They were comfortable in their own skin.

19. They didn't seek after riches.

20. They put emphasis on relationships as being more important than money.

21. They always sought God for guidance.

If you have any other's to add, I'd love to hear your input!

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