Apr 5, 2014

Ten Years of Chloe

4/05/2014 — cori

You are my joy, beautiful and true 
My world is complete because of you.
Your heart of mercy beats with love.
You look out for others just because
You feel their pain and you hurt too.
You come to me and ask what to do.
We talk and pray and snuggle some
Then you decide whats to be done.
Your sensitivity to others is a gift.
May you grow in wisdom 
with how you use it.

Ten years ago, I had no clue
How empty my life was without you.
You teach me and love me everyday
As I watch you grow, learn and play.
You will always be my child, my daughter  dear. 
But our friendship keeps growing year after year.
I love who are and who you are growing to be
May I always remember to reciprocate your love and mercy.

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