Jan 27, 2015

What I Am For

1/27/2015 — cori

1.  I AM FOR LOVE - no restrictions on who deserves it; in all honesty, none of us deserve or can earn it, we are given it freely and therefore give it out freely.  It's a beautiful cycle that just spawns more love.  It is the one thing we all so desperately need.  God is love.

2.  I AM FOR PEACE - between siblings, families, friends, strangers, nations, countries.  It means putting selfish ambition aside, compromising and loving.

3.  I AM FOR KINDNESS - as with love, it goes a long way.  Kindness stops arguments.  Kindness means putting the needs of others above yourself.

4.  I AM FOR FORGIVENESS - What a powerful tool.  I am reminded that I was forgiven before I even knew to ask forgiveness, who am I to withhold forgiveness from someone else.  Forgiveness transforms lives.  It kills the root of bitterness that wants to hold on and destroy your joy and life.

5.  I AM FOR RESPECT - of children, of elders, of parents, of the earth, of animals, of other cultures, of other religions.

6.  I AM FOR NON-VIOLENCE - solving problems without violence can and has been done.  It comes at a huge price often times, but that's the price love pays....it lays down it's life for another.

7.  I AM FOR THANKFULNESS - when you live in a constant state of gratitude it "turns your frown upside down" -  I know that's corny, but true.  To quote Madame Blueberry of the Veggie Tales, "A thankful heart is a happy heart."

8.  I AM FOR GIVING - of myself, my time, my money, my food, my stuff....all I have is a gift.  I hold on to it with open hands, ready to give it away when needed.

9.  I AM FOR HEALTH - healthy choices in food, relationships, taking care of your body and a healthy earth free of pollution.  Greed, laziness, selfishness and ignorance lead to many unhealthy choices.

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