Mar 7, 2006

Mistaken Identity

3/07/2006 — cori

I was thrilled to come across the bargain of the century, a cute, little black satin number. I absolutely love pajamas. But its hard to find something that meets all my criteria: cheap, cute, modest, something I can wear in front of the kids, yet still feel pretty in. However, all my criteria were met in these sleeveless, black satin, long pant jammies.

Last night, after getting all cozied up in new, soft, feminine pajamas, I went up stairs to kiss the kids good night. Upon entering their room, the boys looked at me as if I were a movie star. They are both very much in the ‘in love with Mommy’ phase right now. They sat upright in bed and asked me with awe in their voices, “Were did you get those?”

I went on to explain the terrific deal I found and asked them why they liked my jammies so much. Bennett replied, “Wow, Mom, you look like Catwoman!”

Oh great! Now I will never be able to glance at a mirror again while wearing my new favorite pajamas without purring or meowing. In this family, it seems everything has some sort of superhero element to it. Now all I need is a mask to make my ‘outfit’ complete!

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