Jan 16, 2008

Chloe's Purse

1/16/2008 — cori

I'd like to take a minute to discuss my daughter's purses and the contents that lie therein. She is 3. She has 3 purses. Each purse holds a unique set of items. It appears that she can pick a purse pursuant to whatever mood she may be in on any particular day. I have never shown her the contents of my own purse. However, she is aware that I carry gum, money and keys since those items are forever coming in and out of my purse. Unfortunately, I do not own as many purses for as many years old that I am - that would be cool. I guess that habit might have to stop around 20 years old or something reasonable like that. Here we have purse number one:

Let's call this "The Princess Purse". You will see that there are times when you just can't have enough lipstick and you're not sure exactly which one you might need at any given time. Mind you, they are all clear, shiny and sparkly. But the packaging is quite different, as are the fragrances. The princess tin container is secretly housing two more variations of sparkly, princess lipgloss. Having a red permanent marker is always a plus for any three year old. I love the one earring...even I have that problem in my purse. A princess compact is perfect for double checking your princess perfect lips after multiple lipstick applications. And throwing on a good beaded necklace can dress up any outfit when you're in a bind. Let's move on to purse number two:

I like to call this "The Practical Purse". This is her oldest and most favorite purse. This one dates back to when she was at least one. This is her 'real mommy' purse. Notice the hand-me-down cell phone (that doesn't work), two sets of keys in case you loose one, gum, a blush brush, tic-tacs (evidently she hates bad breath), her Daddy's business card (never know when an opportunity might arise to do a little networking). A baby brush comes in handy if you have baby fine hair. A purple pencil is a must because there are always your ABC's to write down anywhere, anytime. And extra lego pieces...well, you just have to be prepared for anything. And lastly:

Here we have "The Personalized Purse". This is a treasured birthday party gift bag. It appears that we like to fill this one with....I don't really know any witty way to describe this one. It is what it is. Evidently she finds a need to carry these things around with her at random times. I'm sure some of the things in my purse may leave one speechless at times too. I just thought it was so funny to see her feminine personality take shape without so much as one lesson in how to organize or fill your purse. Some things are just inherent.

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