Mar 26, 2014

I Never Cease To Amaze Myself

3/26/2014 — cori

You would think that by now I would have learned a thing or two in this little experiment called "life". Unfortunately, I am just as prone now to stick my foot in my mouth as I was at the beginning.  Take last night for example...Chloe is the last one at the table still eating (slow doesn't even begin to describe her eating style - think more like distracted eating).  We were all waiting on her before we did our fun family activity for the evening.  Out of nowhere, my mouth opens and words start coming out (if I could have one super power, it would be the ability to think before I speak), "C'mon Honey, you really need to get your 'get on' going."  I said this in all seriousness having no clue I sounded like a complete idiot until Bennett repeated said phrase back to me.  It produced a giggle fest of gigantic proportions. We all laughed until we cried.  Those deep belly laughs are so healing and healthy.  I guess I can take credit for infusing health into our dinner conversation whether through the food I prepare or otherwise.

At the same dinner time conversation another one of my skills was brought before the council.  Gavin says, "Thanks for the banana flavored sandwich and chips and granola bar in my lunch today."  I had no idea I flavored all those things with banana.  And then the reality of what he was saying hit me. Whenever you put a banana in an air tight environment, everything else around it becomes flavored with it's goodness. Things don't just smell like the banana, they taste like it too.  I don't know the scientific reasoning behind this phenomenon, but I do know it's real because this is certainly not the first time I've done this.  We were one vacation once and had packed a lunch tote to bring with us.  We had all kinds of goodies in it including everyone's favorite variety of peanut butter cookie.  Unfortunately, EVERYTHING in the tote tasted like bananas - even the cookies.  What a sad, sad waste of cookies. You would have thought I had learned my lesson after such a catastrophic event.  But no...thus is my life, learning the same lesson time and time again.

And last but not least, another confession to my oftentimes 'clueless' behavior.  I was dropping Chloe off at school like always.  I normally am pulling away and waving to her as she's walking into the building.  But the other day as I was driving off, I didn't see her and just chalked it up to she's probably just in my blind spot, or she got caught up with a group of other kids walking in.  The very first thing she asks me when I pick her up that same afternoon is, "Mom, did you see me????"

"Um.  Yes. I see you."

"Noooo.  Did you seeeee me?!"

"Ummmm....well, I guess not, why?"

"So you're saying you didn't see me slip and fall on the ice after you dropped me off this morning?  I hurt my elbow and knee really bad."

"Did you cry?"

"Well.  No.  But I did go to the nurse to get ice for it."

"I'm so sorry honey!  I looked back but couldn't see you so I thought you were in my blind spot."

"No!  I was on the ground!"

Great!  Just great!  I wonder how many parents witnessed my cold-hearted mothering techniques as I drove away from my little girl as she's sprawled out on the icy sidewalk, unable to get up because of the load of bags in her arms.  I'm just smiling and waving as she's over there wondering why I don't stop, jump out of the car and rescue her.

I have no excuse, answer or justification unfortunately.  Just another clueless day for me, I guess.

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