Aug 13, 2005

Social Graces

8/13/2005 — cori

I never cease to be amazed with what comes out of my children's mouths. Especially when it comes to words. Bennett has always been one to have a quick come back. I'm very envious of that because I don't posses that skill myself. I always think of a good one-liner 20 minutes too late. Today was a great example of Bennett in action....

We were at the pool. Chloe wandered over to a Grandma playing with her little grand-daughter. Bennett is highly protective of his little sister. He saw her alone with strangers, so he moved into action. He immediately stops what he's doing and runs over to 'rescue' his 'Zoe' (that's what he calls her).

Upon getting to her location, he puts his arm around her and says, "This is my sister." Now that all familial bonds are established and the older lady in question is aware of who is in charge, she asks 'the protector' what his name is. He replies, "Bennett. And this is my sister, Zoe." He still is encompassing her with his right arm while his left arm sits poised on his hip. His body language was invaluable. He continued to watch the Grandma suspiciously as he made sure Chloe did not move one inch closer.

The poor lady was just trying to make small talk with a three year old - I guess she picked the wrong one. Bennett was not going to be forth coming with any information that wasn't necessary. Yet he still stood there looking at her. So, she tried yet again to bring some conversation to the awkward situation. The nice lady asked, "So, Bennett, how old are you?" An innocent enough question. He answers with "Three." Nothing more, nothing less. There will be no identity theft going on here. He must of learned this ambiguity from his Grandfather who is extremely careful about who, how and what information he gives out to people. (Long story there. Suffice it to say he has a long career in Information Security and has ample reasons to be leery). Undoubtedly, Grandpa would be proud of his little protege.

After asking his age, she explained that her grand-daughter was the same age. I didn't even see Bennett blink when given the information. Her final attempt at winning him over came when she decided to ask, "Bennett, when do you turn four?" His reply is priceless. With all seriousness he responds, "On my berfday (birthday)". No duh?! Isn't that when everybody turns the next age. :) Grandpa would once again be proud that he answered the question without truly giving away any information. By the way, at this point, he escorted Chloe away and thereby, successfully removed his sweet sister and himself out of harm's way.

I guess I never thought to teach my children to tell people when their birthday's are. Now I know I have yet another area to train my children in...the social graces.

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