Mar 19, 2015

What Love Looks Like

3/19/2015 — cori

Before Chloe was even born Bennett couldn't wait for her to get here.  He would lift up my shirt and talk into my belly button to his sister saying, "Come to me Zozie" (he called her Zozie cuz he couldn't pronounce Chloe).  Ever since, he has treated her like a queen.  He is her champion, her best friend and her playmate.  I came across these pictures today and couldn't help but take a little walk down memory lane.  Even though they are 13 and (almost) 11, they still love to play together. Yes, they get on each other's nerves and yes, they argue, but they are always there for each other.

Batman had to take a break from saving the world to kiss his little Tigger.

Beaming with pride.

Friend and teacher - bonus!  Placemats are wonderful teaching tools.

Superheroes ready to save the world!

Showing off his newly acquired bike riding skills (and his muscles).  
Who better than a sister to impress.

Strolling hand in hand - Protector.

Sports encourager.

Best friend.



Crazy Cowboys.

Carrier of sister.

Snow Buddy.

Traveling Buddy.

The One Who Makes You Laugh.

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