May 10, 2020

Quarnatine - Week 8

5/10/2020 — cori
Here we are, still chugging along in this new, unpredictable world of ours. Restrictions have eased up a little over the last 2 weeks. But life still doesn't look much different for us. It's business as usual around here. The kids do see their friends more often, but that's the only change.

Because the weather has decided to be more spring-like, Spring Fever has set in. We were in the mood to work outside and do projects. Chuck had spent last fall building these corn-hole boards. This past week seemed like the perfect time to finally finish them up.

We needed a lot of supplies in order to do all our projects. So Chuck, along with the entire population of Fort Collins, braved our local Lowe's. He said it was extremely hard to social distance. However, everyone did wear masks. So, I guess that's good. We're still learning what staying safe in the midst of a pandemic looks like. We can't hide in our houses forever, but we also don't want to unnecessarily put others or ourselves at risk. Apparently, nobody knows the answer to that question. Testing and tracking the entire population sure would help. But our government has chosen not to anything instead. So it seems like we're on our own. End of we can finish the story....

So this turned out to be the finished product. Pretty impressive, I think. Bennett and Chuck worked hard taping and measuring so everything would turn out to look this awesome. It was hard for the math challenged in this family. But we persevered.

Chloe and I re-stained the privacy dividers on our deck. All while the neighbor's yappy, idiot dog barked at us non-stop. It drove me to need a large bowl of ice cream.

I spent the rest of the afternoon crouched in this position planting pansies. It just feels good to work hard, get dirt under your nails, sweat, and accomplish something that in the end looks beautiful.

Since Graduation has been cancelled, the school organized a "drive-thru" graduation. It was actually more of a car parade of seniors picking up their caps and gowns. All the teachers and staff were stationed throughout the parking lot cheering, holding signs, and celebrating the class of 2020. It was a thoughtful and kind effort to try and help make this occasion memorable and special for the kids even though they won't get to walk across a stage. 

This is the principal. She talked to each and every senior. She's so involved in the kids' lives. She is an amazing principal. I so appreciate her.

At the end of the drive-through graduation, the kids were supposed to put on their cap and gowns and take a picture next to the mascot at the front of the school. This picture captures the moment Chuck was able to "help" Bennett orient his cap correctly. See, even seniors still need their parents.

Another teacher that Bennett really liked asked to take a selfie with him and gave him a very kind note telling him how much having Bennett in his class last year meant to him. He also gave him a copy of the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. My all time favorite poem.

We were forced to play Quiddler again most of this week. Chuck insisted on playing until he won. It was hard. Very hard.

Then we rediscovered "Heads Up" on our phone. This is similar to Taboo, but with less word restrictions. This was dinner and game night the other night. So much fun!

We watched the INCREDIBLE documentary of Michelle Obama. She is so inspirational. I read her book last year and knew of her huge heart, sharp mind, and giving spirit already. This was just as enjoyable as the book and filmed so well.

We also watched the heart-breaking movie, "Just Mercy." Chuck and I had already seen it and wanted the kids to watch it. You can't and shouldn't be the same after watching this movie. I have been a huge fan of Bryan Stevenson since 2014 when I first read his book with the same title. We've supported his organization, Equal Justice Initiative, ever since then. You can't watch this movie and not change your opinion of our "justice" system and the death penalty. Deep, heavy, and moving.

We ate a week of declicous food! I must say, it was wonderful. And we followed it to a tee up until Friday, then we veered way off course. But it's all good.

One night, Chloe wanted to drive us somewhere. So we ended up at the high school. We took these wonderful pictures in memory of their last year of high school together.

And we practiced taking a picture by the mascot so that Bennett would be better prepared for drive-thru graduation.

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