Jan 16, 2014


1/16/2014 — cori

I have the kids each write a blog post every day.  There are two reasons for this: 1. I want them to practice their writing skills and 2. I know they are going to want to go back and read their blogs when they're older.  I normally check them everyday but I didn't check Chloe's until today.  This is what greeted me:

Rules Are Meant To Be. . . . . . . .

So in the Cafetoriom, we aren't allowed to share food. But me and Katie do anyway. You know, chip for Cheetoh. But of course, some rules are meant to be broken!! So today I brought 2 Frito Lays bags and Katie brought 2 Cheetohs bags. We were walking down the hall and Katie said, "Are you sure we aren't going to get in trouble??" And I said," Well, Katie, some rules are just meant to be broken!!!"

Looks like she's been listening at home.  We say this all the time, especially to dumb rules.  We encourage the kids to think for themselves and not just do something and not know why.  If a rule doesn't make sense, ask "why" (but respectfully).  There are  many, many school rules that are dumb that we need to respect even if we don't agree with them.  But if everyone just blindly followed a rule there would never have been the American Revolution, the Underground Railroad, the Dutch Resistance, Civil Rights or a myriad of other instances where people put being "human" over following a "rule".  I like that and I'm encouraging that trait in my kids even if it means putting yourself out there and risking being caught doing what you think is right.

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